Batik Arjuna Weda originated from a number of business sewing batik in Duren Tiga, Mampang Prapatan, South Jakarta, which stood at 1987. Sidah Muhammad Alaydrus started in a small garage with a limited number of employees and production capacity is only 30 dozen per month. Due to various constraints, the business does not run smoothly in the first years. She began to improve when it turned into the tailor business convection companies that supply its products to one of the biggest department stores in Indonesia, Pasaraya Blok M. Several years later, Batik Arjuna Weda is about to enjoy their robust demand significant market, followed later by the addition of stores in several department stores in Indonesia.

With the concept of “modern classic”, Batik Arjuna Weda collection offers men and women’s of batik clothes that qualified as work, casual, and official clothes with the typical motifs and dynamic. With this concept, Batik Arjuna Weda got an Award in Recognition of the Best Supplier of 2009 from the Matahari Department Store, and Upakarti Cup 2010 from President of Indonesia. Maintaining quality has always been a priority Batik Arjuna Weda. Collections of clothes not only have the latest designs and motifs, but also able to bring a sense of comfort in accordance with the rate of community social dynamic and trendy. Selection of the best materials and accessories of quality support to the rationale Batik Arjuna Weda in satisfying customers. Batik Arjuna Weda using the latest batik designs which inspired a variety of traditional batik in Indonesia, which combined with modern batik and tailored to the desires of consumers. With a growing fashion trends today, batik is also experiencing a dynamic change every year, both from the type of materials and motifs. That’s why Batik Arjuna Weda always creative in creating new motifs in order to satisfy consumer tastes.

Batik Arjuna Weda are divided into four sub-brands, namely: Arjuna Vedas Silk (traditional silk batik), Arjuna Weda Limited (batik clothes and cap on top of the best cotton and traditional woven material), Arjuna Weda Mature and Elegance (batik clothing quality with elegant design), and Arjuna Weda Young and Trendy (batik clothes are trendy and youthful). Everything can be obtained with competitive prices in a prominent shopping centers in Indonesia, such as Sun, Yogya, Centro, and Metro..